In the fall of 2020, during the uncertainty of the pandemic, Plaid brought us on as a partner to assist in creating collateral for their rapidly expanding brand and set of products—fintech and digital finance technologies enabling financial solutions for all.


Over the past few years, our ongoing collaboration with Plaid’s internal design team has been extensive. Through this work, we’ve become a trusted partner working across many different departments, partnering with stakeholders closely to expand, develop, and iterate on their brand as the company continues to grow at a rapid pace.


Our work with Plaid continues to expand, from large product launches, events, marketing campaigns, whitepapers, pitch decks, illustration, website assets as well as internal events and other miscellaneous needs. By immersing ourselves in their brand language and corporate culture, we are able to create work that seamlessly integrates with their existing production, while at times bringing a fresh perspective to their design palette.


  • Campaigns
  • Communications
  • Events
  • Illustration
  • Infographics
  • Merchandise
  • Microsites
  • Motion Graphics
  • Partnerships
  • Presentations
  • Print
  • Social
  • Tradeshows


  • Brand
  • Communications
  • Content
  • Design
  • Legal
  • Marketing
  • Policy
  • Product
  • Revenue
  • Workplace Experience
  • …and more
We have assisted in creating collateral for many events for Plaid, including external tradeshow booths and important internal quarterly and annual events. Scope often includes event branding, signage and collateral. These projects often have high visibility across the company and industry and are a critical component to Plaid’s brand presence in the field.
Infographics & Illustration
Plaid’s brand relies heavily on illustration and we have been lucky enough to participate in the expansion and iteration of their illustration library. As a fintech company, finding a successful way to present data and other complex financial topics is essential. Much of our work with Plaid revolves around the design of infographics for Plaid’s website, blog and resource center to do just that.


Much of our work with Plaid revolves around communications. This includes major product launch campaigns, digital ads, motion graphics, landing pages, presentation decks, whitepapers, 1-pagers, customer stories, and a wide array of additional digital assets. As Plaid expands their product offerings and maintains their presence as a leader in the Fintech industry, successful communications is critical to the company’s success.