The scope of our nearly 10 years of continual work with Airbnb has been extremely broad—we’ve completed ‘skunk works’ projects with the founders and ‘wouldn’t it be funny’ ones with their in-house dining team. Along the way we’ve become dependable brand guardians with the sort of deep institutional knowledge that’s rare in startup culture, and often invaluable. We’ve worked with nearly every department and personality type, from very public marketing campaigns to the sort of wonky internal documents that still need to communicate beautifully and effectively.



  • Campaigns
  • Communications
  • Environments
  • Events
  • Infographics
  • Internal Brands
  • Merchandise
  • Microsites
  • Motion Graphics
  • Presentations
  • Print
  • Social
  • Tradeshows


  • Creative
  • Community
  • Communications/PR
  • Diversity & Belonging
  • Engineering
  • Founders
  • IT/Data
  • Marketing
  • People/HR
  • Policy
  • Product
  • Talent/Recruiting
  • …and more

Internal Branding
Because of our intimacy and deep knowledge of Airbnb’s brand, we have been frequently tasked with the design of new internal brands—systems that reference Airbnb’s brand architecture—serving to unify organizations, initiatives and services within the company. These have included ‘Be’ Airbnb’s benefits program; the Diversity and Belonging group; ‘Amplify,’ their management training program; and Design Learning & Careers.

Environmental & Event Design
We have created many environmental projects with Airbnb where the scope includes event branding, physical structures, screen-based media, signage and collateral. These have included major product launches, trade shows, and exhibits. Because of the many moving parts that inevitably must be polished and produced in time for a hard deadline, these type of projects especially show our ability to shepherd complex deliverables to a clean finish.

Our work with Airbnb includes all the types of communication assets that make the tech world go round. These include digital ads, presentation decks and templates, social media posts, motion graphics, system toolkits, and the like. We’ve consistently shown an ability to efficiently design whatever is needed.