IncrediMeds is a line of award-winning cannabis edibles and topicals made in San Francisco. We were asked to take a ground-up approach to the brand and its shelf presence to fit into a cannabis and CBD market that is increasingly wellness-oriented. We centered the identity around an incredible mythical beast, the griffin, a half lion/half eagle imbedded with wisdom and strength. The color palette is rooted in a soft tonal range, with each cannabis strain coded by a specific value. Resealable pouches follow state regulations for cannabis packaging while keeping the product fresh and discrete, and reducing the number of unique package types needed to house their extensive edible range.


  • Brand Identity
  • Packaging Design
  • Art Direction


  • Photography: Derek Yarra
  • Styling: Lisa Ferkel
  • Printer: Oscar Printing

Incredimed products use only high-quality ingredients and accurately-dosed top-grade cannabis distillate.  All ingredients are GMO-free, their chocolate is Fair-Trade certified, nuts are sourced from local suppliers, and distillate is made from organic plants grown in Northern California.

Incredimeds line of CBD:THC topicals are contained in elegant and functional vessels that feel comfortably at home in the wellness sector they are intended to inhabit.