Bay Area Now 9 is the ninth iteration of the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts’ triennial exhibition, highlighting artists working throughout the Bay Area’s nine counties. Each BAN is an attempt to answer the question what are artists making, thinking, dreaming about now?


Our system puts emphasis on the NOW part of Bay Area Now, which felt especially relevant as the first BAN post-pandemic, when so much in the Bay Area went through seismic changes. What does it mean to be a creative voice in the Bay at this moment, with all its opportunities, culture, and challenges?


The identity consisted of a truly fantastic amount of deliverables, which needed to straddle digital and physical spheres and be flexible enough to be refreshed for the course the six-month exhibition. We created in-gallery exhibition graphics, exterior building signage, wayfinding, print marketing, digital marketing, social, website graphics, event materials, merchandise, and an exhibition brochure. 


Event photos: Pamela Gentile