At The Oxbow School students spend a semester away from their home high school where they have the opportunity of focusing fully on art-making, while being mentored by accomplished working artists in the beautiful Napa Valley.


Since 2017, we have collaborated with Oxbow on a number of projects. Most recently, we worked closely with the Head of School to create a new Viewbook and Curriculum Guide, with an updated visual aesthetic and expanded narrative, including student interviews and stories. The book is sent out to prospective students and offers an in-depth perspective on the Oxbow experience.


  • Communications
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  • Reputation: Brent Foster Jones
  • Photography: Whitney Legge
  • Printer: Oscar Printing

For a number of years we have designed Oxbow’s Annual Report of Donors—a summary of the academy’s accomplishments and fundraising for the year. For 2018 and 2019 we produced both a print and digital (pdf) versions of the report. For 2020, given the economic and logistic challenges the pandemic brought on, we instead created a website that could be efficiently distributed to students and donors wherever they might be.