Three Possible Futures

Client: SOMArts

Curator Jon Sueda's group exhibition All Possible Futures investigated speculative design work—ideas that were rejected by clients, experiments, or pieces that were never meant to have a home in the commercial world. For the 2014 show at San Francisco arts space SOMARTS, we were invited to create a supergraphic that responded to the theme. Playing off the show's title, we created Three Possible Futures (Death / Glory / Death and Glory). Like all of the installation work we do, the work is created off computer, with tape and paint, and comes together in an improvisational way. Rendered more than 20 feet tall, for us the piece spoke to vulnerability of creative practice, that your work is an extension of yourself, even more so than when you remove the client relationship and move into the domain of art, writ large. Were it all to go horribly wrong or spectacularly right, you might arrive at death, glory, or perhaps both.