The Thing The Book

Client: The Thing Quarterly / Chronicle Books

The Thing The Book (subtitled: A Monument to the Book as Object) is a book that considers what it is to be a book and celebrates the results. With a rich cast of contributors, the book is an anthology of works about the physical book, and a work itself, in which each element is assigned to individual artists and authors. Ed Ruscha and John Baldessari contributed the bookplate and colophon respectively; custom page numbers that grow in scale were created by Tauba Auerback; David Shrigley created two ribbon bookmarks; Miranda July inserted an erratum; Mark Dion provided a photo of a memorable book from every year of his life, Jonathan Lethem created footnotes, and so on. Somehow it all hangs together into an elegant volume that brings its own joy—while reflecting on the endless gifts of the books we've known and those we will come to know. 

Introducing: THE THING THE BOOK from THE THING Quarterly on Vimeo.