The Thing Quarterly: Issue 15, MacFadden & Thorpe

Client: The Thing Quarterly

For Issue 15 of The Thing Quarterly, our longtime collaborators Jonn Herschend and Will Rogan invited us to create our own issue. We felt the object should speak to what we do, and flags represent one of the earliest forms of graphic design. Whether they fly over a territory, a battlefield, a boat, or a shop—a flag remains an important and effective type of communication, displaying ownership, loyalties, or a critical message. We considered the flag as an archetype, and considered how graphics might be derived from its use. In looking at how a flag is folded in ceremony, we thought: what if the flag's markings were diagrammatic, and explained how to properly handle the act and object? The numbers printed on the cloth indicate the order of folds, and once properly tucked, the flag fits into a custom triangular box along with a Flag Code that specifies in detail the rules surrounding the handling and display of The Thing Quarterly Issue 15 Flag.