The Cries of San Francisco Exhibition

Client: Southern Exposure / Allison Smith

Referencing the way tradesmen and hawkers once drummed up sales on the street; Cries of San Francisco was an ambitious public art piece by Allison Smith. Participants were culled from an open call, and then each of the 60 participating artists created a Crier persona and product/service to sell. These ranged from the tangible (Anandamyi Arnold as the Balloon Seller) to the highly conceptual (Ashley Weiss as The Everyday Magical Citizen’s Coalition). The Criers hosted several Saturday Markets at the Southern Exposure Gallery, and a Market Day Public Art Event, in which they took to San Francisco’s main thoroughfare, Market Street, for an all-day performance. We created an identity for the project with “bow tie” typography referencing emanating sound waves of an audible cry, and a poster with seals for each of the participants. Wooden signs were laser cut in the shape of each crier’s seal, and worn as name tags throughout the events.