Plumb Notebooks

Client: Plumb Notebooks

Plumb is a line of journals envisioned, designed, and illustrated by contemporary artists. The project was a collaboration with artist Tucker Nichols, publisher Knock Knock, and our studio, with the belief that creative people want more than blank or merely decorative repositories for their thoughts and ideas. Every season, we worked with three hand-selected artists to conceive and co-design a series of journals. The artists were asked to think about how they use journals in their art practice and about the meaning and utility of recording their ideas. Format, production, and graphics were carefully considered with the aim of enhancing the creative process. As originators of this imprint, we were involved in developing what the line would be, naming the company, and designing the identity as well as all products. The artists that we have worked with are: Reed Anderson, Wendy Macnaughton, Liz Markus, Ed Panar, Matt Furie, Nathaniel Russell, Linda Geary, Jason Polan, Tucker Nichols, Sumi Ink Club, and Katherine Bradford.