Airbnb: Be Program

Client: Airbnb

As Airbnb has grown, the benefits they offer their employees have grown as well—encompassing a broad range of perks, including healthcare, financial advice, education, volunteer time, wellness programs and more. With so many offerings—many of which are region-specific and offered through outside partners—the company needed an umbrella system to unify them. They challenged us to create a branding system that would allow employees to easily identify communication as benefits related, pair with stock documents from vendors, and introduce some joy into what otherwise might be deathly dry content. The solution we created uses the name “Be” (taken from belong and benefits), and builds a unique graphic voice out of elements from Airbnb’s brand system. We redrew letterforms from their in-house typeface to create a multi-striped wordmark, and their logo, the Bélo, made into a lockup specific to the Be brand. The core element of the system is a series of mix-and-match patterns which leverage the Airbnb palette into new combinations, creating a dynamic and versatile kit of parts that can grow along with the company’s resources.