Client: Airbnb

Airbnb connects guests and hosts globally with their home-sharing platform. In their earliest days, we worked with the founders on a set of presidential cereal boxes that have become the stuff of startup lore. Since then, they’ve grown to become one of the world’s largest hospitality brands, with more than 4-million listings and 100 million nights booked per year. As a company created by designers, Airbnb has always prioritized the role of strong design in their growth and success. For the past few years, we’ve worked intimately with the company, collaborating with over twenty departments on hundreds of projects big and small—offering direct support to their art department, marketing, policy and employee experience teams. Projects have included extensive marketing campaigns, the creation of internal brand systems, high-level presentations, product launch events, trade show experiences and more than one surfboard. By cultivating an ingrained understanding of the company and its evolving brand and voice, we step into new projects already up and running and are able to work in a seamless fashion with this intensely innovative company.